Plasma-based Surface Modification Applications of Biomaterials – A Review


  • G Divya Deepak
  • Atul
  • G Anne



Plasma-surface modification method (PSMM) is an efficient and inexpensive surface processing method for various materials and has generated great interest in the field of biomedical engineering. This paper focuses on the numerous conventional plasma methods and experimental approaches applied to materials research for suitable biomedical applications, including plasma deposition, laser plasma deposition, plasma sputtering and etching, plasma polymerization, plasma spraying, plasma implantation, and so on. The distinctive benefit of plasma modification is its biocompatibility and surface properties can be enhanced on a selective basis while the bulk characteristics of the materials stay unaltered. Existing materials can hence be used and the requirement for new materials may be circumvented thereby reducing the time for the development of novel and efficient biomedical devices.


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