Multi-modal safety analysis of the more electric aircraft starter generator system


  • Z Zeng
  • Y Hu
  • Y Xiong
  • Q Gong
  • X Xu
  • H Ge



Aiming at the characteristics of complex structure, strong coupling and different multi-modal safety levels of more electric aircraft starter generator system, a safety analysis method based on the operating process and a multi-modal failure rate calculation method are proposed. This paper analyses the architecture, operating process and modals of more electric aircraft starter generator system and decomposes the system into eight operating modals. Based on the construction of SafetyLab, a domestic safety analysis platform, the structural models and failure rate calculation models of eight modals of starter generator system are established, and the top event failure rate of each modal, the highest transient failure rate and the steady state failure rate of the system are calculated for a complete safety analysis, taking a typical starter generator system as an example. The method proposed in this paper helps to solve the problem of multi-modal failure rate analysis of complex systems with different equipment involved in the operating process. The multi-modal failure rate calculation method proposed in this paper is also applicable to the safety analysis of other multi-modal complex systems.


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Zeng, Z., Hu, Y., Xiong, Y., Gong, Q., Xu, X. and Ge, H. (2024) “Multi-modal safety analysis of the more electric aircraft starter generator system”, The International Journal of Multiphysics, 18(1), pp. 19-32. doi: 10.21152/1750-9548.18.1.19.