High-Temperature Performance Evaluation of a Novel Graphene-Based Aerogel




This paper provides an in-depth analysis of the thermal and mechanical properties of Ethylenediamine Graphene Aerogel (EGA) using COMSOL Multiphysics software. The study focuses on understanding the stress distribution and mechanical responses of this material under various conditions. Thermal stress applied to the bottom of a cylindrical structure revealed distinct stress patterns over time and temperature. High-stress regions were noted towards the cylinder's center, suggesting the effects of temperature fluctuations, while the upper surface experienced lower stress. The von Mises stress increased over time, indicating the material's response to heat, particularly near the heat source, and stabilized around 40 minutes, suggesting a new thermal equilibrium. A critical observation was made at a critical region from the cylinder's bottom, where a significant shift in stress patterns and performance characteristics occurred, emphasizing the need to consider these variations in design for safety and functionality. This study highlights the material’s low thermal conductivity and its role in temperature distribution, demonstrating its capability to manage thermal expansion effectively. These properties make the Ethylenediamine Graphene Aerogel suitable for high-temperature applications such as aerospace, automotive, and thermal barrier systems, and open avenues for further applications.


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